Multiplayer allows you to interact with other Rigidchips users.

To join a Multiplayer game:

  1. Open network by either acessing it under the Settings tab, or by using its shortcut (Tab).
  2. Select 'Connect'. Leave Session alone for now, as you cannot edit it when joining a server.
  3. Select your username. You can add a color to your usertag by pressing the 'Color' button to the left of the 'User' field.
  4. Select your host. enter the host's IP into the 'Host' field.
  5. Select the port. You will have to ask the host for the Port #, or you will not be able to connect.
  6. Press 'Start'.

To host a game:

[under construction]

There is a dedicated server, however it is a Japanese server. As a result, most players are Japanese, and may not speak/understand English.


Port: 2345, 51234, or 37564 (combat dedicated port)


  • The player tag follows the player's model core. If you are using a 'remote' model, the tag will follow te core, but not the remote-controlled part.
  • You can switch models in mid-session, just as if you were not connected.
  • You cannot be shot by models with Arm chips unless the model you are using has an Arm chip itself.
  • It is not good manners to join a server and just start shooting at other players. Ask them if they would mind engaging in combat, and wait for a response.
  • You cannot spawn balls or use wind in Multiplayer.